Monthly Archives: August 2010

From John Calvin to Guinea Pigs: New books we’re excited about

Here in the library at the start of a new semester it’s like Christmastime. Why? Because of all the new books that start rolling in. In this week’s blog post we’ll highlight some new books that we are excited about. From John Calvin to A Guinea Pig’s History of Biology, we’re sure there’s something to […]

College 101 or: How to learn to stop worrying about your studies and love the library

A good library is a place, a palace where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet. — Samuel Niger (1883-1956) Another school year is upon us. Back to the lectures, books, papers, and inevitably, late nights. It wouldn’t be the start of a new school year if we didn’t dedicate at least one […]

Need research help?

One of our current goals is to better serve Eastern’s distance learners by providing access to visual tutorials that assist them as they navigate the ins and outs of digital-age research. We currently have 17 slide tutorials, 14 research guides, and 36 videos in this growing collection. To make our videos, we use a free […]

New Catalog!

In the post “Our Summer Vacation,” we described our biggest project this summer- a brand new library catalog. As the first day of classes quickly approaches, we are happy to write that the new catalog is finally available! This new catalog, created by The Library Company, offers many more features than our previous catalog–  features […]

Database Profile: AP Images

One goal of our blog is to offer Eastern students, faculty & staff a closer look at the many resources we offer. This week’s post focuses on AP Images, the library’s subscription image database. It is a great resource for high-quality, downloadable images that can easily be added to presentations, reports, projects, etc. AP Images […]