Monthly Archives: October 2010

Happy Halloween & Reformation Day!

In honor of October 31st, this week’s blog post highlights a few items from Warner Library to help you celebrate Halloween and Reformation Day. First a brief history of the day…. Halloween was believed to be first celebrated by the ancient Celts to mark the end of Summer and the beginning of harvest.  They believed […]

Researching on the go!

In a similar vein to last week’s post on e-book readers, I wanted to highlight the library’s mobile resources. Like e-book readers, many people are accessing information through non-traditional routes. Pew Internet & American Life performed a survey between April 29 and May 30, 2010, among a sample of 2,252 adults, age 18 and older. […]

E-book readers & higher education: the wave of the future?

It seems like every month a new e-book reader (or a newer version of one already available) is unleashed into the market. You have your iPads, Kindles, Sony Readers, Nooks, Bebooks, and the list goes on. As a librarian (or as some might say “cybrarian“), it’s important to consider the impact new technologies, like e-book […]

4 web-based tools I can’t live without

One aspect of librarianship that I love is incorporating new technologies into library services and job-related tasks. The librarian profession is one of these professions that has drastically morphed since the invention of the Internet. Gone are the days of card catalogs. The Internet Age has ushered in a completely uncharted territory for information retrieval […]