Monthly Archives: January 2011

“We, the People…”: Government Resources

With President Obama’s State of the Union address last week, I decided to post in this week’s blog our top five government resources. Whether you’re a Political Science major/minor or not, it’s just as important to have a solid understanding of our government system. So heat up your favorite hot beverage and get ready to […]

Can e-readers reduce the cost of textbooks for students?

What’s our most commonly asked question in the beginning of the semester? “Does the library have these books? I need them for my class…” In addition to the cost of tuition, students find themselves shelling out hundreds of dollars on course-required textbooks. This semester the library is excited to collaborate with Eastern’s Department of Nursing […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

First off, welcome back! A new year and a new semester. We hope you enjoyed your break and are returning relaxed and rejuvenated. Today our country remembers the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. His tireless efforts and sacrifice greatly advanced the cause of racial equality in America. Stop by the library to […]