Monthly Archives: March 2012

Is there something to “The Information Diet”?

Back in January, I read an interesting interview on with Clay Johnson, author of the book The Information Diet. He claims that like too much sugar and fat are harmful to our bodies, so is too much of the wrong kind of information harmful to our minds. I think this is an interesting idea, […]

Now available: Download Books from Ebrary!

Ebrary is the library’s largest databases of electronic books. We have over 70,000 full-text ebooks available through it. And now… you can download them! What?! Yup. You can download them to your e-reader, mobile device OR computer for 14 days. How great is that?! How it works- First, you must create a free Ebrary account. […]

Meet our new Collaborator Librarian: Hua Sun

We’re excited to announce a new collaboration with librarian Hua Sun from China!! Every week we meet via Skype to discuss what features to add to our newest LibGuide- China: History and Culture. We’re also talking about ways to create interactive research aids that focus on Chinese culture. To learn more about Hua, I sent […]