The Fate of Donated Books

Just recently, released a story about how the Mighty Writers’ El Futuro location has begun to send books to an immigrant detention center in Berks County, specifically Spanish books for the children of the families being detained there. Last year, we donated most of our Spanish language children’s books from the Curriculum Lab (third floor of the library) to Mighty Writers’ El Futuro, so it is great to see that the books we’ve given away have been put to good use!

But what of the other books we’ve donated? Over the past years, Warner Library has donated over ten thousand books to various organizations, all to worthy causes. Below are a few examples of what has happened to our donated books:

– Approximately 40 boxes of books have been sent more than a dozen times to Better World Books, a company that takes library stock books and ships them around the world to other libraries or book collectors.

– ___ Library in Uganda/Rwanda has also received a number of our books, thanks to the help of one of our student workers.

– Theological Book Network took many of our books during the reduction of Palmer Theological Seminary’s library.


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