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Summer Picks from Warner Library!

It might not be June yet, but it is definitely summer time here at Warner Library – and with summer comes vacation. But what will you do while lounging on the beach or relaxing in air conditioning (or stuck indoors with rainy weather, as seems to be the case lately)? Why, read a book, of […]

Happy B-Day to the Bard!

April 23 is both the birthday and death day of William Shakespeare who is known as the greatest playwright in the world. Whether the man from Stratford-upon-Avon was truly Shakespeare is not the point of today’s celebration: in the end, it shouldn’t matter who wrote his works, only that they are full of human experiences […]

A Librarian’s Opinion on… Superhero Films!

By Chelsea Post, Systems Librarian The superhero-themed bracket contest currently going on at Warner Library is in full swing (Round 2 began yesterday!), and as such, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the hero genre and how quickly it has permeated Hollywood. Movies about heroes have been made since the 1940s, but only in […]

Fly, (Philly) Eagles, Fly!

Still pumped about the Philadelphia Eagles winning Super Bowl LII? We certainly are! Those other Eagles definitely did well Sunday night, and if you just can’t get enough of the birds (or just want to impress your friends), here are some books you can read at Warner Library to increase your sports trivia repertoire! The […]

Halloween Goodies for the Mind!

by Joy Dlugosz –¬†Librarian for Public Services, Administration & Research With Halloween coming and the weather telling us so, I am going to tell you about a few resources we have at Warner Library. Have you ever wondered how the pumpkin became a symbol for Halloween? Why do you drive for miles just to choose […]

Have you tried our McNaughton collection?

A little-known collection here in the library is our McNaughton Collection of Best Sellers. We subscribe to this in two formats- books & audio CDs. The collection contains best sellers found on lists like the New York Times Best Sellers, Publishers Weekly and Both fiction and non-fiction titles are collected. We have over 300 […]

Happy Halloween & Reformation Day!

In honor of October 31st, this week’s blog post highlights a few items from Warner Library to help you celebrate Halloween and Reformation Day. First a brief history of the day…. Halloween was believed to be first celebrated by the ancient Celts to mark the end of Summer and the beginning of harvest.¬† They believed […]

From John Calvin to Guinea Pigs: New books we’re excited about

Here in the library at the start of a new semester it’s like Christmastime. Why? Because of all the new books that start rolling in. In this week’s blog post we’ll highlight some new books that we are excited about. From John Calvin to A Guinea Pig’s History of Biology, we’re sure there’s something to […]

Staff Picks: Summer Reading

Wondering what to read this summer? Warner Library’s staff has some great summer reading picks! Ellen Mergner, ILL Manager: “If you are a mystery lover try any of the Stone Barrington novels by Stuart Woods. The summer will fly by.” Fran Decker, Computer Services Librarian: “Wonderful summer reading & listening pleasure — ‘The Guernsey Literary […]