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Hidden Treasures from iTunes for Your Mac or PC

Learning Tools used by a Librarian “behind-the-stacks”. by Mark D. Puterbaugh, Information Services Librarian iTunes is a software application used to purchase and organize audio and visual purchases from Apple’s iTunes Store. You don’t need Apple hardware to take advantage of the hidden academic treasures found in iTunes. The software is available for download for both […]

Two Mobile Apps to Keep You Up-to-Date.

Apps Used by a Librarian “behind-the-stacks”. by Mark D. Puterbaugh, Information Services Librarian With the busy pace of life today, it is hard to keep up with the latest news and trends important to your academic and professional life. However, there are tools to help you organize and access the information that is most important to you. […]

A Blog About Writing a Blog

Things Librarians Do “behind-the-stacks”. by Marvin Smith, D.Min. M.L.S. General Services Librarian, Palmer Theological Seminary BE A BLOGGER! So you’ve been reading blogs written by friends and professionals… Like this blog written for those interested in business & leadership: Or like this blog written for those following theological trends: Or like this deeply […]

Checkout the Laptops from Warner Memorial Library

by Jonathan Beasley, Technical Services Librarian Do you ever need a laptop for your personal use? If so, the library has eight Dell laptops available for checkout and will be providing an additional five in the near future. The laptops are kept at the Circulation Desk in the Library all you need to do is come in to […]

Digital badging comes to Eastern

Last November, Warner librarians began brainstorming ways to creatively engage Eastern students when teaching them about research and information retrieval. We noticed a growing trend in education to use “gamification” principles in instructional settings. Gamification is the use of game-like techniques applied in a way that motivates people into learning and goal achieving. Digital badges […]

Coming Soon! Library to circulate tablets & e-readers

Last September, our Information Services Librarian Mark Puterbaugh, successfully wrote a grant application and was awarded funds from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM/MAR). These funds went toward the purchase of tablets and e-readers with the goal of creating ebooks on nursing that worked across mobile technologies. You can learn more […]

Library Awarded Technology Improvement Grant from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM/MAR)

This summer, the library’s grant application to the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM/MAR) for their Technology Improvement Award was accepted.  Written and administered by Mark Puterbaugh, the grant  monies will go toward the creation of  a Mobile Instructional and Design Lab (MIDL) that seeks to address the growing need of […]

Try our trial book scanner!

We’ve got a guest post this week! Mark Puterbaugh, our Information Services Librarian has setup a month long trial of a Scannx scanner. It does marvelous things like scan documents and email them to yourself! Below is our guest post from Mark about the trial & scanner- Scannx Trial a Green Initiative Warner Library is […]

Our top picks for library/research related apps

Recently a faculty member emailed me and asked what library/research related apps they should get. I thought this question would make for a great blog post! So, without further ado, here our are top app picks to help you with your library & research needs: 1. EBSCOhost app (Available in iTunes & Android App […]

Is there something to “The Information Diet”?

Back in January, I read an interesting interview on with Clay Johnson, author of the book The Information Diet. He claims that like too much sugar and fat are harmful to our bodies, so is too much of the wrong kind of information harmful to our minds. I think this is an interesting idea, […]