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A Blog About Writing a Blog 2

By Marvin Smith, D.Min. M.L.S. — General Services Librarian, Palmer Theological Seminary Even though I started blogging just a few months ago, I have pushed myself to include the visual element whenever possible. Other bloggers tell me that it took them “a long time” before they felt comfortable inserting pictures or video into their blogs. […]

Two Mobile Apps to Keep You Up-to-Date.

Apps Used by a Librarian “behind-the-stacks”. by Mark D. Puterbaugh, Information Services Librarian With the busy pace of life today, it is hard to keep up with the latest news and trends important to your academic and professional life. However, there are tools to help you organize and access the information that is most important to you. […]

What kind of technology user are you?

Technology continues to play an influential role in how library users access information. Part of being a librarian in the 21st century requires in the very least an awareness of the latest technologies. The Information Age ushered in uncharted approaches to library services. No longer must a librarian solely consider what books to add or […]

4 web-based tools I can’t live without

One aspect of librarianship that I love is incorporating new technologies into library services and job-related tasks. The librarian profession is one of these professions that has drastically morphed since the invention of the Internet. Gone are the days of card catalogs. The Internet Age has ushered in a completely uncharted territory for information retrieval […]


This week’s blog post features a guest writer- Mark Puterbaugh, the library’s Information Services Librarian. His post was originally an article featured in the library’s Bibliofile newsletter. As more research becomes available electronically, I feel that it is a ongoing topic of importance and decided to reproduce the article here in our library’s blog. As […]